DBE/MBE Opportunities: How to do Business with PLTP


The Purple Line has a DBE program office here to help DBEs navigate the procurement process for the project, Purple Line is willing to assist all DBE subcontractors and suppliers in obtaining access to bonds, lines of credit, and insurance. DBEs should feel free to seek assistance from the DBE Team as needed at dbeprogram@pltcllc.com.



PLTP has developed the following list to help DBEs and other small businesses get prepared to meet the subcontract requirements of the project:


Get DBE Certified
Eligible firms should seek to get certified as a DBE as soon as possible. This certification will help your firm gain access to procurement opportunities on the Purple Line project. Click here to apply with Maryland Department of Transportation. (https://mbe.mdot.maryland.gov/apply/)

Do you qualify as a DBE? https://www.transportation.gov/civil-rights/disadvantaged-business-enterprise/eligibilty

Need help navigating through the certification process? Contact dbeprogram@pltcllc.com

Business Orientation Meetings
Firms should review the insurance requirements for the project. DBEs can contact the Purple Line DBE Program Team for assistance by emailing dbeprogram@pltcllc.com.
Visit the Purple Line Website Regularly
The Purple Line website will be updated regularly with information on Purple Line DBE outreach activities, subcontract opportunities, and our progress in meeting the 26% Design Phase, 22% Construction Phase, and 3.4% Light Rail Vehicle Phase.  The Purple Line encourages businesses to visit the website regularly to keep up to speed on subcontract opportunities available on the project.
Review Purple Line Monthly E-Blast
The Purple Line will be issuing monthly email notifications to the entire Purple Line Vendor Database providing informative tidbits on subcontracting opportunities on the Purple Line as well as our progress in meeting the 26% Design Phase, 22% Construction Phase, and 3.4% Light Rail Vehicle Phase DBE Goal.
Certified Payroll, Compliance Reporting
Firms with trade labor and/or DBE suppliers awarded subcontracts on the project are required to submit weekly and/or monthly compliance documentation. Please contact the DBE Program Office for assistance.