PLTP Procurement: Upcoming Opportunities


Bid PackageStatus 
Asphalt Paving & MillingEvaluating Bids
University Blvd Bridge DemolitionEvaluating Bids
Structural Steel Tub GirdersTBD
Mall Access BridgeNot Yet Started
MSE Walls - Area 1Evaluating Bids
Segment 6 DrainageEvaluating Bids
Soldier Pile & Lagging Walls - Area 1Evaluating Bids
DuctbankNot Yet Started
Electrical (incl. lighting & grounding)Awarded
Fencing/Handrails/Safety RailingNot Yet Started
Diamond Grinding & Deck GroovingNot Yet Started
Stone ColumnsAwarded
Superstruct Erection - LRT/Hwy - A3Not Yet Started
Shaft/Tunnel WaterproofingTBD
Waterproofing and DampproofingNot Yet Started
HardscapeNot Yet Started
Noise WallsTBD
Jet Fans - Air Rights & Plymouth TunnelNot Yet Started
Area 1 & 3 Pile DrivingEvaluating Bids
Drilled Shafts & Micropiles - A1RFP Issued
Post TensioningNot Yet Started
SWM Underground Ret. PondsNot Yet Started
Concrete Road PavingNot Yet Started
Signs & Traffic SignsNot Yet Started
SIP Metal DeckNot Yet Started
Shear Stud InstallationNot Yet Started
Train Control - InstallAwarded
Segment 7 DrainageAwarded
Supply and Install TPSSAwarded
At Grade Stations F&INot Yet Started
Stray Current ProtectionNot Yet Started
Pump Station Dewater - Paint BranchAwarded
Pump Station Tunneling - Paint BranchAwarded
Falkland Apartments - DesignTBD
Modular Block WallsAwarded
UnderdrainsNot Yet Started
TrenchdrainsNot Yet Started
Hoe Ram ServicesNot Yet Started
Bridge PaintingNot Yet Started
Crash WallEvaluating Bids
Soldier Pile Walls - Area 3RFP Issued
BW Parkway SOE PilesAwarded
Utilities - Steam RelocationsNot Yet Started
Utilities - Zayo (U504, U505, U104)Not Yet Started
Utilities - Segment 3 WaterAwarded
Utilities - Gas (U101, U102, U105, U304)Not Yet Started
Utilities - Pepco OH & UG (U501-503,703-705)Not Yet Started
Utilities - UG MEDCO ElectricAwarded
Utilities - MEDCO Steam (U602,604)Not Yet Started
Utilities - WSSC Water & Sewer (Seg. 7)Evaluating Bids
Utilities - Washington Gas (Unit Rates)TBD
Utilities - Verizon (OH/UG/Business)Not Yet Started
Utilities - 60" Watermain RelocationRFP Issued
Utilities - Directional Drilling U101, U104RFP Issued
Utilities - PEPCO UG (U707)TBD
Utilities - Segment 6 Water & SewerTBD