PLTP Procurement: Upcoming Opportunities


Scope of WorkStatus
CSL Testing for Drilled ShaftsEvaluating bids
Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) TestingUnder Development
Construction Support EngineeringAwarded
Security ServicesEvaluating bids
Asphalt Paving & MillingRFP to be re-issued
Utilities - Steam RelocationsNot Yet Started
Remove & Replace Stone VeneerAwarded
Concrete Barrier Slip FormingEvaluating bids
Superstruct Erection - LRT/Hwy - A1Not Yet Started
Cathodic ProtectionAwarded
Mall Access BridgeNot Yet Started
Demolition of Retaining WallsNot Yet Started
Demolition of PavementNot Yet Started
Drainage and Storm Sewer - A1Not Yet Started
Drilled Shafts - A3Evaluating bids
Bridge Piles - A3Under Development
DuctbankNot Yet Started
Fencing/Handrails/Safety RailingNot Yet Started
Concrete FlatworkEvaluating bids
Diamond Grinding & Deck GroovingNot Yet Started
Ground ImprovementEvaluating bids
Superstruct Erection - LRT/Hwy - A3Not Yet Started
Shaft/Tunnel WaterproofingNot Yet Started
Waterproofing and DampproofingNot Yet Started
HardscapeNot Yet Started
Landscaping, Grassing/SeedingNot Yet Started
Furnish & Install MSE Walls - A3 and Partial A1Awarded
Furnish & Install MSE Walls - Remaining A1Under Development
Furnish & Install Noise WallsUnder Development
Concrete StainingAwarded
Pile DrivingNot Yet Started
MicropilesNot Yet Started
Pipe CleaningNot Yet Started
Post TensioningNot Yet Started
Rebar InstallationAwarded
Drilling for Soldier Piles - PlymouthAwarded
SWM Underground Retention PondsNot Yet Started
Concrete Road PavingNot Yet Started
Secant WallsAwarded
Furnish and Install SignsNot Yet Started
Furnish & Install SIP Metal DeckNot Yet Started
Area 2 TiebacksAwarded
Furnish & Install Shear StudsNot Yet Started
Utilities - Water & Sanitary WaterUnder Development
Utilities - GasAwarded
Precast Concrete Arches/UnderpassAwarded
Pedestrian BridgesAwarded
Video Inspection of Pipe/PotholingAwarded
Furnish & Install At Grade StationsNot Yet Started
F&I Super A1 CCT BridgesNot Yet Started
Drilled Shafts - OCS ShaftsAwarded
Stray Current ProtectionNot Yet Started
Pump Station Work - Paint BranchUnder Development
Pump Station Building - Paint BranchNot Yet Started
Jack and Bore - Paint BranchNot Yet Started
Remodel - Falkland ApartmentsRFP Issued
Cleaning Service - OfficesNot Yet Started
Furnish & Install Post & Panel WallsNot Yet Started
Furnish & Install Block WallsNot Yet Started
Tiebacks - Project WideNot Yet Started
Box Culverts & Sand Filters - A3Under Development
UnderdrainsNot Yet Started
TrenchdrainsNot Yet Started
Concrete PumpingUnder Development
Drilling for Soldier Piles - BethesdaAwarded
Tiebacks - Tunnel & ShaftNot Yet Started
Montgomery County BridgesRFP Issued
Soil StabilizationAwarded