PLTP Procurement: Awards To Date


Bidder/ProviderBid Package/Summary Scope DescriptionDBE EntityExecution DateTier
Point Management Group, LLCDBE Program ManagerDBE04/20162
Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc.Environmental Permit ManagerN/A04/20162
CAF USALRV SupplyN/A06/20162
AtkinsLead Design FirmN/A07/20162
Floura Teeter Landscape ArchitectsArtwork ManagerDBE09/20162
MC Dean Inc.Communications SystemN/A09/20162
Stokes Creative Group LLCPublic Outreach ConsultantsDBE09/20162
The Lane Construction CorporationSurvey ModelingN/A09/20162
Revey AssociatesBlasting ConsultantN/A09/20162
Testing Engineering & Consulting SEFiber Beam TestingN/A09/20162
Transit Safety & Security SolutionsSystem Safety & CertificationDBE09/20162
Grubb Printing & Stamp Co., Inc.Project PrintingDBE09/20162
KJMK Management, Inc. (RealStreet Staffing)Temp StaffDBE09/20162
TraceCloudRequirements Management DatabaseN/A10/20162
District Health Care-First ChoiceMedical SuppliesDBE10/20162
HNTB CorporationQC InspectionN/A10/20162
SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit Inc.Rolling Stock AdvisorN/A10/20162
Soil and Land Use TechnologyQC Materials & Lab TextDBE10/20162
AJ Stationers, Inc.Office SuppliesDBE11/20162
Vangel PaperPaper ShreddingDBE11/20162
BATTA Environmental Associates, Inc.Hazardous Material DisposalDBE11/20162
Connor Consulting Inc.Tunnel Temporary Power DesignN/A11/20162
Barco Enterprises, Inc.Building DemolitionN/A12/20162
Seed & Site SolutionsErosion ControlDBE12/20162
Road Safety LLCSupplies for Maintenance of TrafficDBE12/20162
A Esteban & CompanyCopier MachineDBE12/20162
Kroner Environmental Services Inc.Temp Water Treatment PlantN/A12/20162
Road Safety LLCMaintenance of TrafficDBE12/20162
Beton-Und Monierbau USA Inc.Bethesda Muck Sys DesignN/A01/20172
Long Fence Company, Inc.Temporary FencingN/A01/20172
Twin Oak Tree Care LLCClearing & GrubbingN/A01/20172
Quinn Consulting Services Inc.QA InspectionDBE01/20172
John Wanyne Sewell DBE Specialized PatternsSafety TrainerN/A02/20172
Soldata DBA SixenseGeotech Noise and Vibration MonitoringN/A02/20172
C&M Home Heating Oil DistributionFuel DistributionDBE02/20172
Henkels & McCoy Inc.U401 Overhead Electrical WorkN/A02/20172
Apex CompaniesUnderground Tank RemovalN/A03/20172
TSC TransportAggregateDBE03/20172
Orkin LLCPest ControlN/A03/20172
Kelly Engineered Equipment LLCVentline HandlerN/A03/20172
Foundation Test Group Inc.Pre and Post Construction SurveyDBE03/20172
Siemens Industry Inc.Train Control SystemN/A03/20172
Dimensional Products Inc.Crash Barrier AccessoriesDBE04/20172
John E. Kelly & Sons Electrical Cons.Tunnel Temp ElecN/A04/20172
Midlantic Marking Inc.Pavement MarkingsN/A04/20172
Violeta Grounds Management Co Inc.Root PruningDBE04/20172
DOT Diamond Core Drilling Inc.SawcuttingN/A06/20172
DIW Group Inc. DBE Specialized EngineeringQA LabN/A06/20172
Lynns Trucking Inc.TruckingDBE06/20172
Bulldog Distribution Trucking LLCTruckingDBE06/20172
Seeram Enterprise LLCTruckingDBE06/20172
Elite Hauling Group Inc.TruckingDBE07/20172
Quality Pipe Cleaning Co. Inc.Video InspectionN/A07/20172
Paul B Merritt ExcavatingK-192 On-call GradingN/A08/20172
Hensel Phelps Construction CoOMFN/A08/20172
Clark Construction LLCArea 2 Soldier PilesN/A09/20172
Dynamic Concepts Inc.U401 Gas LineN/A09/20172
CorrTech, Inc.Cathodic Protection (U401)N/A09/20172
Lzhang Consulting & Testing LTDTunnel Shotcrete SupportN/A09/20172
Burton F Clark Inc.Throwing FieldsN/A09/20172
Baldwin Line Construction of MDUtilities - U401 Overhead CommDBE09/20172
Croissette, LLC DBA Maryland Security ProfessionalsMobile Security CamerasDBE09/20172
Wholesale Electric Caribe, Inc.Tunnel Temp Elec EquipmentDBE09/20172
Modern Times, Inc.DBE Program Mgmt.DBE09/20172
Johnson Hydro Seeding CorpSoil StabilizationN/A10/20172
Long Fence Company, Inc.GuardrailsN/A10/20172
Tegeler Source LLCLagging - BethesdaDBE11/20172
Firvida Construction Corp.Stone VeneerDBE11/20172
American Engineers Group LLCConstruction Support Engr: Utilities - U401 Overhead CommDBE11/20172
HRV Conformance Verification Assoc.Off-Site QA InspectionDBE11/20172
Wilson Technologies, Inc.Cleaning ServiceDBE11/20172
Nicholson ConstructionArea 2 TiebacksN/A12/20172
UCR AcquisitionTower CraneN/A12/20172
Metropolitan Protective ServiceSecurity Guard ServicesDBE12/20172
Interlock Steelworkers, Inc.Furnish and Install RebarDBE12/20172
L & L Construction AssociatesU401 UndergroundDBE12/20172
Chesapeake Electrical SystemsEquipment Yard - GateN/A12/20172
Bardon, Inc. DBA Aggregate IndustriesAsphalt Paving - Giant Access DrivewayN/A01/20182
Hunt Valley Contractors, Inc.Concrete StainingN/A01/20182
Reviera Enterprises Inc.Vac Truck ServicesDBE01/20182
WO Grubb Steel Erection, Inc.Crane ServicesN/A01/20182
MC Dean Inc.Traffic Signals / ITSN/A01/20182
Hardscapes Construction Inc.MSE WallsDBE01/20182
Roadsafe Traffic Systems, Inc. Maintenance of TrafficN/A01/20182
HNTB CorporationDesign ServicesN/A01/20182
Brundage-Bone & Blanchett LLCConcrete PumpingN/A01/20182
Jones & Wood Inc.Plumbing ServicesN/A01/20182
Case Foundation CompanyDrilled ShaftsN/A02/20182
Priority Construction CorporationConcrete FlatworkDBE02/20182
Interlock Steelworkers, Inc.CCT Pedestrian BridgesDBE02/20182
Mark-Lang Inc.Milliing Glenridge YardDBE02/20182
Insight LLCUtility Locating ServiceN/A02/20182
Hensel Phelps Construction CoComplex StationsN/A03/20182
Huval & Associates Inc.Construction EngineeringN/A03/20182
Beton-Und Monierbau USA Inc.Tunnel OperatorsN/A03/20182
Sioux Services LLCWaste Oil ServicesDBE04/20182
MC Dean Inc.Fare SystemN/A04/20182
Aver TechnologiesPile Driving Analyzer (PDA) TestingDBE04/20182
Strum Contracting Co.Welding ServicesDBE04/20182
Pessoa Construction CompanyConcrete Barrier WallsDBE04/20182
DecisiveComcast UG (U601; U705)N/A05/20182
LK ComstockTrack and OCSN/A05/20182
F D NealManchester PlaceN/A05/20182
Wilton CorporationConcrete Barrier Hardware; Bridge Expansion JointDBE05/20182
National TunnelMine Rescue TrainingN/A05/20182
MC Dean Inc.Traction Power Substation System/Install (TPSS)N/A05/20182
Midwest Mole, Inc.Bore 36" PipeN/A05/20182
Terracon Consultants IncRock Creek GeotechN/A05/20182
Pessoa Construction CompanySegment 3 - WaterDBE06/20182
Upstate Steel IncPipe Piles for Lyttonsville BridgeDBE06/20182
Geoconstructors IncStone ColumnsN/A06/20182
Stella May ContractingUG MEDCO Electric (U601, U602, U604)DBE06/20182
Rivers Construction Group LTDSegment 7 DrainageDBE06/20182
Mulford Construction Co.Segment 6 DrainageN/A06/20182
Brayman Construction CorpSoldier Pile Walls - Area 3N/A07/20182
Kim H YoungDesign ReviewN/A07/20182
MC Dean Inc.ElectricalN/A07/20182
Structural Concrete Products LLCBW PKWY - SOE Soldier PilesN/A07/20182
Priority Construction CorporationModular Block WallsDBE07/20182
Amerigal Construction Company Inc.Segment 7 SewerDBE07/20182
Moretrench American CorpPaint Branch Dewatering SystemN/A07/20182
District Safety Products Inc.Miscellaneous Safety SuppliesDBE07/20182
Upstate Steel IncSoldier Piles Fabrication; Pile PointsDBE08/20182
Down Under ContructionDirectional DrillingN/A08/20182
Midatlantic Piling, Inc.Area 1 & 3 Pile DrivingN/A08/20182
Rivers Construction Group LTDSegment 7 WaterDBE08/20182
Upstate Steel IncWire Mesh for TunnelDBE09/20182
Clark Construction LLCArea 1 SPL WallsN/A09/20182
Garney Companies Inc.60" Watermain RelocationN/A09/20182
MC Dean Inc.Train Control - InstallN/A09/20182
Joseph B Fay CoUniversity Blvd Bridge DemoN/A09/20182
Pleasants Construction, Inc.Asphalt Paving & Miling - A3N/A09/20182
Amerigal Construction Company Inc.Utilities - Segment 5 & 6 Water and SewerDBE09/20182
Eastern Testing and Inspection Corp.Weld InspectionsN/A09/20182
Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning, Inc.Street SweeperN/A10/20182
Brayman Construction CorpDrilled Shafts - Area 1N/A11/20182
Digging & Rigging II Inc.Crane ServicesN/A11/20182
Henkels & McCoy Inc.Utilities - Washington Gas (Unit Rates)N/A11/20182
Strum Contracting Co.SIP Metal Deck/Shear StudsDBE11/20182
Bardon, Inc. DBA Aggregate IndustriesAsphalt Paving & Miling - A1N/A11/20182
Centurylink Communications LLCUtilities - Century Link CommN/A11/20182
Level 3 Financing, Inc. Utilities - Level 3N/A11/20182
Traffic Engineering ServicesMaintenance of TrafficDBE11/20182
Whitney Bailey Cox and Magnani LLCRock Creek Demo PlanN/A12/20182
DOT Diamond Core Drilling Inc.Bridge Deck GroovingN/A12/20182
Renesco, Inc.Shaft/Tunnel WaterproofingN/A01/20192
B Frank Joy LLCUtilities - Pepco UG (U601, 604)N/A01/20192
Anchor Construction Corp.Utilities - Pepco UG Cable Pulling - A3N/A01/20192
L & L Construction AssociatesNoise WallsDBE01/20192
Piping and Corrosion SpecialtiesStray Current ProtectionN/A01/20192
Qwest Government Services, Inc. Utilities - Century Link GovN/A01/20192
Construction Technology LaboratorieMass Concrete Temperature Control PlanN/A01/20192
Service AllFalkland Apartments - Demo and RebuildDBE01/20192
Green Forever Landscaping and DesignClearing & Grubbing - Area 1DBE01/20192
Joseph B Fay CoCrash WallN/A01/20192
High Industries, Inc. (High Steel)Structural Steel Tub GirdersN/A02/20192
Wesley Neill Valcarcel DBA Affordable Tree RemovalClearing & Grubbing - Area 1N/A02/20192
Henkels & McCoy Inc.Pepco OH&UG (U501-U503, 703-705)N/A03/20192
Dynamic Concepts Inc.Utilities - Verizon Structure/Copper - A1/A3N/A03/20192
Jensen Hughs, Inc. Life SafetyN/A03/20192
Empire Landscape LLCUMD "M"/Montpelier Pond LandscapingDBE04/20192
Engineered Earth Systems LLCCrane AnalysisN/A04/20192
Upstate Steel IncFabricate SPL Wall PilesDBE04/20192
RCN Telecom ServicesUtilities - RCNN/A04/20192
Vision Technologies, Inc. Utilities - UMD Cable Pull/SpliceN/A04/20192
East Coast Concrete Specialties, Inc. SawcuttingN/A04/20192
True Line Coring & Cutting of MarylandBrokk Demolition RobotN/A05/20192
Teltronic Towers, Inc. WSSC Tower & Equipment SheltersN/A06/20192
Primeline Utility Services Holdings DBA C.W. Wright Construction Company LLCUtilities - U303 Overhead PepcoN/A06/20192
Terra Site Contractors LLCMSE Walls - Area 1DBE06/20192
Hirschmugl Heine & Associates, Inc. (HHA)Construction Support EngineeringDBE06/20192
Upstate Steel IncRebar SupplyDBE06/20192
Connally Contracting Corp.UG Retention Boxes & Sand FiltersDBE06/20192
Dulles Geotechnical & Material TestNon-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) TestingDBE08/20192
Upstate Steel IncSPL Wall PilesDBE08/20192
Schnabel Foundation CompanyTie-Backs-Area 3N/A08/20192
Complete EnhancementHouse RenovationN/A09/20192
M10, Inc. (Michels)Utilities - Washington Gas T&MN/A09/20192
Miller Pipeline, LLCUtilities - Gas (U101, 102, 304, 501-505) T&MN/A09/20192
Priority Construction CorporationA3 CIP WallsDBE09/20192
IBI Group A California PartnershipDesign ReviewN/A09/20192
CPF, LLCUtilities - MEDCO Steam (U602, 604)N/A09/20192
Benons LLCParatransit ServiceDBE10/20192
Steven A DiazBuy America ConsultantN/A11/20192
JJ Prime Services, LLCSegment 3 Sewer - Segment U302 and U304N/A11/20192
Metro Paving CorporationDaily Crew RatesDBE01/20202
Lorenzo ConstructionDirectional DrillingDBE01/20202
Aves Construction CorporationSegment 5- U501, U505- Water DBE02/20202
Daco Construction CorporationSegment 6 Water and SewerDBE02/20202
NE Bridge Contractors Inc.On-Call Specialized Equipment ServicesN/A02/20202
Brierley Associates CorporationWalls 1-002A & 1-022B Temp SOE DesignN/A02/20202
Rhinehart Railroad Construction Inc.On-Call Railroad Equipment ServicesN/A02/20202
ISB Designs IncFence BannersDBE03/20202
Sun Technical ServicesCourier Service- Water Jug DeliveryN/A03/20202
I-Impact Solutions LLCSafety ConsultantDBE03/20202
Potomac Shoring & Enterprises Inc.Sheet Pile SupportN/A03/20202
Just Seal It LLCPavement Marking & StripingDBE03/20202
Street Utilities LLCU502, U503- SewerN/A03/20202
I-Impact Solutions LLCConsulting Serivce - I -ImpactDBE04/20202
Utility Systems Construction & EngineeringUG PepcoN/A04/20202
3C Drilling LLCDrilling Shafts- Wall 7-198N/A04/20202
Humphrey & Son Inc.CIPP LinersN/A04/20202
Greenman Pedersen Inc.MDE Design ServicesN/A04/20202
Soltesz Inc.MDE Design ServicesN/A05/20202
Barr Engineering Co.MDE Design ServicesN/A05/20202
Griffin Dewatering LLCTunnel Dewatering at Piney BranchN/A06/20202
J Fletcher Creamer & SonU402 Water and SewerN/A06/20202
Art at LargeGraphic Design ServicesDBEN/A2
RivusDrainage & Design SupportDBE05/20173
ESDDrainage & Design SupportDBE05/20173
CMC Repro & Associates, Inc.PrintingDBE02/20173
CST Engineering, Inc.Walls, BridgesDBE02/20173
ZestDrainage and Design SupportDBE02/20173
T3Maintenance of TrafficDBE01/20173
SuYash ConsultingDrainage & Design Support During ConstructionDBE01/20173
Advanced Engineering DesignSpecifications, Technical WriterDBE01/20173
DMY Engineering Consultants, Inc.Geotechnical DrillingDBE09/20163
Rinker Design Associates, P.C.Utility coordination and design-08/20163
AB Consultants, IncSubsurface Utility Engineering Support, Utility CoodinationDBE08/20164
CC Johnson & Malhotra, PCUtility DesignDBE08/20164
CV, IncSubsurface Utility Engineering Support, Engineering SupportDBE08/20164
The Plan Source, IncUtility Permit Coordination, Utility DesignDBE08/20164
The Transtec GroupPavement DesignDBE08/20163
Wilson Ihrig & Associates, Inc.Noise & Vibration Control-08/20163
Cross-Spectrum Acoustics, Inc.Noise Analysis & Engineering ServicesDBE08/20164
Bryant Associates, IncRoadway, Signing & Pavement MarkingDBE08/20163
Soil and Land Use Technology, Inc.Corrosion ControlDBE08/20163
iDesign EngineeringRoadway, Signing and Pavement MarkingDBE08/20163
Floura Teeter Landscape architects, IncLandscape & StreetscapeDBE08/20163
Iron Horse Architects, IncPlatform/Station ArchitectureDBE08/20163
Mimar Architects and Engineers, IncPlatform/Station ArchitectureDBE08/20163
Fehr & PeersTraffic modeling and analysis-08/20163
MCV Associates, Inc.Traffic signal Warrant AnalysisDBE08/20164
Straughan Environmental, Inc.Drainage, Environmental, Design SupportDBE08/20163
SZ PM Consultants, Inc.Document ControlDBE08/20163
AB Consultants, IncSurvey, Site Civil, Engineering SupportDBE08/20163
ECSGeotechnical exploration-08/20163
Dan Brown AssociatesGeotechnical engineering-08/20164
HCL Engineering and Surveying, LLCPlatform StructuresDBE08/20163
Mott MacDonald (MM)Tunnel and underground station design-08/20163
Global Engineering Solutions, IncStation MEP & Design Support During ConstructionDBE08/20164
Daniel Consultants, Inc.Traffic Signals, Lighting, Drainage, Engineering SupportDBE08/20163
DMY Engineering Consultants, Inc.Geotechnical DrillingDBE08/20164
Dulles Geotech. & Material Tstng. Srvcs.Material Testing, Engineering ServicesDBE08/20164
Flagger Network LLCGeotechnical Investigation, Traffic ControlDBE08/20164
Precision Measurements, Inc.Geotechnical Boring SurveyingDBE08/20164
Soil and Land Use Technology, IncGeotechnical DrillingDBE08/20164
Endesco, IncRoadway, Drainage, Site Civil, Environmental, Design SupportDBE08/20163
ReStl DesignersWalls, BridgesDBE08/20163
CC Johnson & Malhotra, PCWalls, Bridges, Systems & Design Support During ConstructionDBE08/20163