PLTP Procurement: Awards To Date


Bid Package/Summary Scope DescriptionDBE
Execution DateTier
A Esteban & CompanyCopier MachingDBEN/A2
C&M Home Heating Oil DistributionFuel DistributionDBEN/A2
DMY Engineering ConsultantsGeotechnical Testing ServicesDBEN/A2
Art at LargeGraphic Design ServicesDBEN/A2
District Health Care-First ChoiceMedical SuppliesDBEN/A2
AJ Stationers, Inc.Office SuppliesDBEN/A2
KJMK Management, Inc. (RealStreet Staffing)Temp StaffDBEN/A2
Asphalt Paving & Milling (Area 3)Pleasants PavingN/A09/13/182
University Blvd Bridge DemolitionJoseph B. Fay CompanyN/A09/10/182
Soldier Pile & Lagging Walls - Area 1Clark Foundations, LLCN/A09/07/182
Train Control - InstallMC DeanN/A09/07/182
Utilities - 60" Watermain RelocationGarney Companies, Inc.N/A09/07/182
Utilities - WSSC Water (Seg. 7)Rivers Construction Group, LtdDBE08/22/182
Area 1 & 3 Pile DrivingMidlantic Piling, Inc.N/A08/20/182
Down Under ConstructionUtilities - Directional Drilling (Fiberlight)N/A08/02/182
MoretrenchPump Station Dewater - Paint BranchN/A07/30/182
AmerigalUtilities - WSSC Sewer (Seg. 7)DBE07/25/182
Brayman Construction Corp.Soldier Pile Walls - Area 3N/A07/20/182
Kim H. Young ConsultingDesign ReviewN/A07/18/182
Priority Construction Corp.Modular Block WallsDBE07/16/182
Structural Concrete ProductsBW Parkway SOE PilesN/A07/11/182
MC DeanElectrical (incl. lighting & grounding)N/A07/09/182
Mulford Construction Co., Inc.Segment 6 DrainageN/A06/26/182
Rivers Construction Group, LtdSegment 7 DrainageDBE06/21/182
Stella May Contracting, Inc.Utilities - UG MEDCO ElectricDBE06/18/182
GeoStructures, Inc.Stone ColumnsN/A06/12/182
Pessoa Construction Co.Utilities - Segment 3 WaterDBE06/04/182
Terracon Consultants, Inc.Rock Creek Geotechnical DesignN/A05/30/182
MC DeanSupply and Install TPSSN/A05/22/182
Midwest MolePump Station Tunneling - Paint BranchN/A05/22/182
HHA ConsultingConstruction Support EngineeringDBE05/22/182
National Tunnel Institute, LLCMine Rescue TrainingN/A05/11/182
F.d. Neal Construction, Ltd.Manchester Place Retaining WallN/A05/04/182
LK ComstockTrack & OCSN/A05/02/182
Decisive Communications, Inc.Utilities - Comcast (UG)N/A05/02/182
Pessoa Construction Co.Concrete Barrier Slip FormingDBE04/17/182
Strum Contracting Co., Inc.Welding ServicesDBE04/12/182
Aver Technologies, Inc.Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) TestingDBE04/06/182
MC DeanFare SystemN/A04/05/182
Beton- und Monierbau USATunneling OperatorsN/A03/16/182
Huval & AssociatesConstruction Support EngineeringN/A03/05/182
Hensel PhelpsComplex Stations - Finish WorkN/A03/02/182
Insight, LLCUtility Locating ServiceN/A02/12/182
Mark-Lang, Inc.Glenridge MillingDBE02/09/182
Interlock SteelworkersPedestrian BridgesDBE02/05/182
Case Foundation CompanyDrilled Shafts - A3N/A02/01/182
Priority Construction Corp.Concrete FlatworkDBE02/01/182
Brundage, Bone & BlanchetConcrete PumpingN/A01/31/182
Jones & Wood, Inc.Plumbing ServicesN/A01/31/182
W.O. GrubbCrane ServicesN/A01/30/182
HNTBDesign ServicesN/A01/30/182
Reviera Enterprises, Inc.Vac Truck ServicesDBE01/26/182
Road Safe (PSI)Maintenance of TrafficN/A01/22/182
Hardscapes Construction, Inc.MSE Walls - A3 & Partial A1DBE01/18/182
MC DeanITS (Traffic Signals)N/A01/11/182
Hunt ValleyConcrete StainingN/A01/05/182
Bardon, Inc.Asphalt PavingN/A01/20182
Grubb Printing & Stamp Co., Inc.Project PrintingDBE01/20182
Chesapeake ElectricalEquipment Yard Gate AutomationN/A12/15/172
L&L Construction Assoc.Utilities - U401 Underground (WSSC)DBE12/14/172
Interlock SteelworkersFurnish & Install Reinforcing SteelDBE12/13/172
Metropolitan Protective ServiceSecurity ServicesDBE12/12/172
United CraneTower Crane ErectionN/A12/11/172
Nicholson Construction Co.Area 2 Tiebacks - Tunnel & ShaftN/A12/01/172
HRV Conformance Verif. Assoc.Off-Site QA InspectionDBE11/20/172
American Engineers Group, LLCConstruction Support EngineeringDBE11/14/172
Firvida Construction Corp.Stone Veneer Rem & RepDBE11/13/172
Long FenceGuardrailsN/A10/26/172
Aggregate IndustriesAsphalt Paving - Giant Access DrivewayN/A10/13/172
Johnson Hydro SeedingSoil StabilizationN/A10/03/172
Modern Times, Inc.DBE Program ManagementDBE09/28/172
Baldwin Line ConstructionUtilities - U401 Overhead CommDBE09/25/172
Clark CompaniesThrowing FieldsN/A09/21/172
LZhang Consulting & TestingShotcrete ConsultantN/A09/18/172
CorrTech, Inc.Cathodic Protection (U401)N/A09/13/172
Dynamic Concepts, Inc.Utilities - U401 Gas LineN/A09/12/172
Clark Foundations, LLCSoldier Piles - Plymouth/BethesdaN/A09/11/172
Hensel PhelpsOperations & Maintenance FacilityN/A08/16/172
Paul B. Merritt ExcavatingGradall ServicesN/A08/08/172
Quality Pipe Cleaning Co.Video Inspection of Pipe/PotholingN/A07/27/172
Elite Hauling GroupTrucking (All types)DBE07/10/172
Testing Engineering Consult.Fiber Beam TestingN/A07/07/172
Seeram EnterpriseTrucking (Triaxles only)DBE06/30/172
Bulldog Distribution TruckingTrucking (All types)DBE06/27/172
Lynn's TruckingTrucking (Triaxles only)DBE06/16/172
Specialized EngineeringQA LabN/A06/09/172
DIW Group Inc.QA LabN/A06/20172
DOT DiamondSawcuttingN/A06/08/172
Midlantic Marking, Inc.Pavement Marking & StripingN/A04/10/172
Violeta Grounds ManagementRoot PruningDBE04/10/172
Kelly Electric, Inc.Temporary Electrical - TunnelN/A04/07/172
John E. Kelly & Sons Electrical Cons.Tunnel Temp ElecN/A04/20172
SiemensTrain Control (Design/Supp/Integrate)N/A03/30/172
Foundation Test Group, Inc.Pre and Post Construction Survey/CSL TestingDBE03/27/172
Kelley Engineered EquipmentVentline Handler Equipment DesignN/A03/20/172
Orkin, LLCPest ControlN/A03/16/172
Apex Companies, LLCFuel Tank RemovalN/A03/01/172
Henkels & McCoy, Inc.Utilities - U401 Overhead ElectricN/A02/22/172
Sixense GroupGeotech Instrum/Tunnel MonitoringN/A02/13/172
Specialized PatternsSafety Training ConsultantN/A02/07/172
John Wanyne SewellSafety TrainerN/A02/20172
Twin Oak Tree Care LLCClearing & GrubbingN/A01/10/172
Quinn Consulting Services, Inc.QA InspectionDBE01/04/172
Long FenceTemporary FencingN/A01/03/172
Beton- und Monierbau USABethesda Shaft Mucking Sys DesignN/A01/03/172
Road Safety, LLCMaintenance of TrafficDBE12/20/162
Kroner Environmental ServicesTunnel Water Treatment Plant DesignN/A12/14/162
Seed & Site SolutionsErosion ControlDBE12/05/162
Barco EnterprisesBuilding DemolitionN/A12/01/162
Batta EnvironmentalHazardous Material DisposalDBE11/14/162
Connor Consulting, Inc.Tunnel Temporary Power DesignN/A11/14/162
Soil & Land Use TechnologyQC Materials & Lab TestDBE10/24/162
SNC LavalinRolling Stock AdvisorN/A10/24/162
HNTBQC InspectionsN/A10/21/162
TraceCloudRequirements Mgmt DatabaseN/A10/07/162
Transit Safety & Sec. SolutionsSystem Safety & CertificationDBE09/19/162
Revey Associates, Inc.Blasting ConsultantN/A09/14/162
MC DeanCommunications (incl. CMS & FSS)N/A09/12/162
Stokes Creative GroupPublic Outreach ConsultantsDBE09/12/162
Lane ConstructionSurvey ModelingN/A09/12/162
Floura TeeterArtwork ManagerDBE09/11/162
AtkinsLead Design FirmN/A07/18/162
CAF USA, Inc.Light Rail VehiclesN/A06/17/162
FastcubesOffice CubiclesN/A04/14/162
Nooralian Nelson & AssociatesPLTC Office DesignN/A04/14/162
HVAC Precision ServicesAir Conditioning UnitN/A04/12/162
Silent Partner Security SystemsOffice Security SystemN/A04/11/162
Wetland Studies and SolutionsEnvironmental Permit ManagerN/A04/11/162
Building Infrastructure GroupOffice Cabling SystemN/A04/05/162
MC DeanOffice ElectricalN/A04/01/162
Hensel PhelpsOffice BuildoutN/A07/19/062
RivusDrainage & Design SupportDBE05/20173
ESDDrainage & Design SupportDBE05/20173
CMC Repro & Associates, Inc.PrintingDBE02/20173
CST Engineering, Inc.Walls, BridgesDBE02/20173
ZestDrainage and Design SupportDBE02/20173
T3Maintenance of TrafficDBE01/20173
SuYash ConsultingDrainage & Design Support During ConstructionDBE01/20173
Advanced Engineering DesignSpecifications, Technical WriterDBE01/20173
DMY Engineering Consultants, Inc.Geotechnical DrillingDBE09/20163
Rinker Design Associates, P.C.Utility coordination and design-08/20163
AB Consultants, IncSubsurface Utility Engineering Support, Utility CoodinationDBE08/20164
CC Johnson & Malhotra, PCUtility DesignDBE08/20164
CV, IncSubsurface Utility Engineering Support, Engineering SupportDBE08/20164
The Plan Source, IncUtility Permit Coordination, Utility DesignDBE08/20164
The Transtec GroupPavement DesignDBE08/20163
Wilson Ihrig & Associates, Inc.Noise & Vibration Control-08/20163
Cross-Spectrum Acoustics, Inc.Noise Analysis & Engineering ServicesDBE08/20164
Bryant Associates, IncRoadway, Signing & Pavement MarkingDBE08/20163
Soil and Land Use Technology, Inc.Corrosion ControlDBE08/20163
iDesign EngineeringRoadway, Signing and Pavement MarkingDBE08/20163
Floura Teeter Landscape architects, IncLandscape & StreetscapeDBE08/20163
Iron Horse Architects, IncPlatform/Station ArchitectureDBE08/20163
Mimar Architects and Engineers, IncPlatform/Station ArchitectureDBE08/20163
Fehr & PeersTraffic modeling and analysis-08/20163
MCV Associates, Inc.Traffic signal Warrant AnalysisDBE08/20164
Straughan Environmental, Inc.Drainage, Environmental, Design SupportDBE08/20163
SZ PM Consultants, Inc.Document ControlDBE08/20163
AB Consultants, IncSurvey, Site Civil, Engineering SupportDBE08/20163
ECSGeotechnical exploration-08/20163
Dan Brown AssociatesGeotechnical engineering-08/20164
HCL Engineering and Surveying, LLCPlatform StructuresDBE08/20163
Mott MacDonald (MM)Tunnel and underground station design-08/20163
Global Engineering Solutions, IncStation MEP & Design Support During ConstructionDBE08/20164
Daniel Consultants, Inc.Traffic Signals, Lighting, Drainage, Engineering SupportDBE08/20163
DMY Engineering Consultants, Inc.Geotechnical DrillingDBE08/20164
Dulles Geotech. & Material Tstng. Srvcs.Material Testing, Engineering ServicesDBE08/20164
Flagger Network LLCGeotechnical Investigation, Traffic ControlDBE08/20164
Precision Measurements, Inc.Geotechnical Boring SurveyingDBE08/20164
Soil and Land Use Technology, IncGeotechnical DrillingDBE08/20164
Endesco, IncRoadway, Drainage, Site Civil, Environmental, Design SupportDBE08/20163
ReStl DesignersWalls, BridgesDBE08/20163
CC Johnson & Malhotra, PCWalls, Bridges, Systems & Design Support During ConstructionDBE08/20163