Identify Eligible Vendors

When a subcontract scope has been defined, the TZC Vendor Database (Contains 10,000 Vendors, including 6,000 DBEs) is queried for firms that provide the required services/goods. An inclusive list of all eligible vendors is generated.

2-4 Weeks Before RFP Issued



Join TZC Vendor Database

Firms interested in pursuing contract opportunities must first register as a TZC Vendor by filling out this simple Online Form.

Request for Notice of Interest

A notification email is sent to the list of eligible vendors from the TZC Vendor Database, informing them of the procurement opportunity. Interested firms are requested to submit a Notice of Interest to TZC in order to be considered for Bidders List.

Submit Notice of Interest

Interested firms submits a Notice of Interest and additional information to TZC for review as Bidders List is being selected

Proposal/Quote Submitted

Qualified firms from the Bidders List submit proposals and quotes before the announced deadline to TZC.

RFP/RFQ Issued

A Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualification (RFQ) is issued to firms on the Contract Bidders List.

DBE Goal Set

DBE subcontracts participation requirements & a list of Interested DBE companies are provided to firms selected for the Contract Bidders List by TZC.

Bidders List Selected

A notification email is sent to the list of eligible vendors from the TZC Vendor Database, A short list of Bidders, which includes a minimum number of qualified DBE firms, based on bidder capability, availability & interest.

DBE Goal Met

TZC Contract Managers carefully considers each Bidder’s efforts in meeting the contract’s DBE Goal when selecting the winner.

Attend Pre-Bid Meeting

A meeting with the TZC Procurement Team will be held for companies interested in bidding on a upcoming TZC contract. DBE firms looking for subcontracting opportunities are also advised to attend.

Contract Award

The contract is awarded to the winning firm by TZC.

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